A design agency who embraces the imaginative application of art and science.

Hyper 2020.

We embraces the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products and services. We place great importance on making the commissioning process professional and enjoyable. We collaborate with sophisticated clients to deliver a cohesive blueprint that will satisfy audience needs and surpass business goals.

European Fair coordinations and curatorial assists

Planning, implementation & final report on design related exhibitions in Europe.
We will maintain clients checklists, digital images, and exhibition and object credit lines; design and produce labels, design and coordinate production of exhibition graphics; respond to inquiries regarding object information and reproduction rights; and manage digital image archive of collections and exhibitions. We will generate records and files related to exhibitions including signage, texts, and installation floor plans. We will also produce information related to the competitors' business plan. We will research materials related to exhibition design, assist with exhibition design, and help with the changes on client's collection. We will work with the curators and work in a team environment with registrar, education, conservation, communications, development, and operational staff.


Our approach to brand design combines marketing strategy with intuitive creativity. The mystery ingredient for the creation of compelling brand communications relies on developing a 'Personality' that the target audience emotively connects with. Our role is the clear definition and creative communication of that character.


The ever increasing rate of technological change is driving the introduction of new technologies where past experiences are often no longer relevant, changing beliefs and behaviours are impacting on functional and emotional lifestyle aspirations of consumers, and the increasing importance of socially responsible agendas are dramatically influencing attitudes and behaviour to consumption.

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Feel free to email us to discuss on freash ideas, give us suggestions for our approach to the world, or to just say hello! hello@studiotungsten.co.uk

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We are located in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

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