Expertly Curated Designer Products

All the products we stock have an element of uniqueness – we prioritise quality and value for money and won’t select products with an increased priced tag unless they offer something special.

BlackHole Litter Mat

These versatile cat litter box mats help keep litter from being tracked or scattered across your floors by trapping it in our Patented dual-layer design

Oreo Table

Oreo table is made of iron and has the characteristics of being hard to push. Oreo bowls are made of porcelain, which is the best pet bowl for food


Every Catnut Toy comes with a satchel of catnip to help invoke your fur-friend's instinct to play and also helps to relieve anxiety 

Robot fish for Cats

These interactive and colorful robot fish toys to help encourage your feline to sharpen their natural hunter instincts, but also have fun doing it 

Our approach to brand design combines marketing strategy with intuitive creativity. Our role is the clear definition and creative communication of that character.


Focusing On What Matters Most

We embraces the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products and services. We place great importance on making the commissioning process professional and enjoyable. We collaborate with sophisticated clients to deliver a cohesive blueprint that will satisfy audience needs and surpass business goals.


The ever increasing rate of technological change is driving the introduction of new technologies where past experiences are often no longer relevant. Changing beliefs and behaviours are impacting on functional and emotional lifestyle aspirations of consumers, and the increasing importance of socially responsible agendas are dramatically influencing attitudes and behaviour to consumption.